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This site is moving very soon to Update your bookmarks.
Amongst working on the upcoming release, the band has contributed the track, "Frequency of the Devil", to an upcoming compilation also featuring unreleased, orginal music from Sonic Youth, Bevis Frond, the Minutemen, Harry Pussy, and many more. Click here for details.

Check out the Kaleidepy interview with UK's Rising Sun from the February issue.

A list of shows for Beer Gut (with Ben on guitar) are being booked for upcoming dates. Next performance is scheduled for April 3rd at Cafe Brasil. Starts at 6PM.

Ben will be appearing as a guest guitarist for the trucker-garde, Beer Gut/Poop Lipztik, January 2nd at Cafe Brasil in New Orleans.
Show starts at 10PM.

The site will be changing urls to a new and improved site.
As you may notice, the web site has taken a turn for the worse with the current server's recent pop-up-ad display.
This site will remain as a mirror location.
Upon completion, the new url will be posted.
Thank you, drive-thru.

The group is currently working on a soundtrack of original avant-garde compositions for their multi-media experience. Sorry kids, no John Cage 4'33" covers.

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